Guide To Activate Hotstar In US At A Discounted Price


Guide to activate Hotstar in US at a discounted price

Hotstar tops the list in India in terms of content and subscribers when it comes to streaming services. Indians and South Asians living in the USA find it a must-have app on their mobile or gadgets. The main reasons for its popularity are the Cricket matches broadcasting rights and various live channels and programs. Here in this post, I will cover every detail of Hotstar in US, its subscription package, Hotstar US activation process at a discounted price and much more. Hotstar in US

Hotstar Subscription in USA

It offers only one subscription package in US, which includes all features and programs. This annual subscription package in US costs $49.99 a year. However, you can sign up at a 10% discount currently due to the ongoing Hotstar offer. It will cost you $44.99 a year after the discount. You don’t need to purchase an additional plan to watch IPL or Cricket matches on Hotstar.

Some of you might be searching for Hotstar monthly subscription. A large number of subscribers take Hotstar US subscriptions to watch only Cricket matches. Therefore, they are more likely to subscribe during IPL or Cricket season only. Hotstar monthly subscription would be more economical for them during Cricket season. Hotstar US activate

Hotstar monthly subscription USA

As we know, Hotstar has a more flexible plan in India. The subscriber has the option to sign up for VIP & Premium plan on a monthly as well as yearly basis. But when we talk about Hotstar subscriptions in the USA, the subscriber does not have so many options. Neither its VIP plan available nor Hotstar monthly plan. Therefore subscribers need to subscribe to its annual package to access the content.

When Hotstar was launched in USA, it offered monthly and annual plans for its subscribers. Later, it discontinued its monthly subscription. Though, it was costly and costs $9.99 a month. The annual subscription is almost 50% cheaper than Hotstar monthly subscription in USA. Hotstar US subscription

Is Hotstar offer the subscription for Cricket only?

In India, you can watch Cricket matches by subscribing VIP package. But, it does not have a similar plan in USA for Cricket fans. There is only one premium subscription for Cricket, movies, TV shows, live TV Channels and specials. There is no add-on required to access Cricket & IPL matches. In other words, There is no Hotstar Cricket Package available. Let’s move to the next step to know How to activate Hotstar in the US.


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