Sepia 200


Sepia 200

SBL Sepia 200

Pulverizing of dried fluid contained in the ink-sack of the cuttle fish is utilized to make the medication.

Basic Name: Sepia Officinalis , Cuttle fish

Causes and Symptoms for SBL Sepia

Mastery and confined opportunity, sensation of being deplorable and ignored, addresses for Sepia; the passionate state, particularly their fractiousness and misery, are more awful previously and during their feminine cycle,

During pregnancy, after labor and during the menopause, there is incessant solid encouraging to pee.

Sepia upsets the course, causing flushes and different anomalies, throbbings everywhere on the body.

The vertical bearing of the indications in Sepia is one of its featured discussions, the agonies of the head shoot up, thus do the torments in rear-end, rectum, and vagina.

Hand night-sweat continues from above descending and finger-joints is a seat of ulceration.

Brain and head:

Incredible pity and sobbing, fear of being separated from everyone else, of men, of meeting companions, with uterine difficulties shows Sepia. They like to be separated from everyone else, are delicate to analysis, they are perpetually chiding, discovering issue, being severe, and oppressing others.

Flushes of warmth over face and head towards evening. Dizziness in morning, Sepia 200 on rising, or in evening. Scalp and underlying foundations of hair touchy to contact marks Sepia as the cure of administration.

Eyes, Nose and Ear

Aggravation of eyes and tops, with impeded vision, dark spots, green radiance, searing redness. Tingling and hurting in eyes and tops is calmed with assistance of Sepia.

Sepia is additionally valuable where colds excite the tonsils and will in general reason festering, Scabby and ulcerated nostrils. Dry coryza, particularly of left nostril is assuaged with assistance of Sepia.

Vicious draining of nose, particularly during menses and Stinging agony in the left ear, Hardness of hearing shows Sepia.


Hack, either with or without expectoration.

Face and Mouth

Fine, dull hair over the upper lip, overabundance hair on different pieces of the body, showing an overall propensity to hirsutism is checked with assistance of Sepia.

Compression of throat without gulping, vibe of attachment while gulping with sensation of choking focuses to Sepia.

Sepia is an important cure in Toothache, stinging, throbbing, stretching out into ear during pregnancy, with windedness.

Dryness of the mouth, lips and tongue is a sign for Sepia.

Stomach and Abdomen

Causticity in mouth, successive risings, by and large acrid or harsh or with taste of food, Nausea and heaving after a dinner with cerebral pain is calmed with assistance of Sepia 200 Sepia.


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