Signs Your Chimney Is Failing


Signs Your Chimney Is Failing

Swing, plenty of people are using their chimneys for the first time. And the majority of the time, your chimney will perform as well as it did last year. That said, chimney components might fail, and they require proper maintenance to make sure that your chimney stays safe and free from leaks. That's why it's crucial to have routine inspections and maintenance performed on your Roof Repair Long Island, and it is the reason why we urge that homeowners know a few of the signs that their chimney is not up to snuff. If you're concerned about your chimney, then do not begin a flame just yet. Be sure to have a certified chimney expert inspect your chimney and its elements, and be especially wary of any and all of these signs of a damaged chimney:


Into your home (either via the flue or across the sides of the chimney), then you've got an issue that needs immediate attention. Leaks can happen for all sorts of reasons, so it is best to have a professional take a look to estimate the circumstance. What's worse is that the source of a leak can be difficult to find for the eye, because leaks are able to move round surfaces, so you may not understand the source. For example, if you have a leak brought on by bad flashing around the bottom of your chimney, that leak may enter your attic, proceed across the rafters, and make its way into a wall that does not seem to be close to the chimney. When you notice a leak, just give us a call to get a review -- we'll get the issue and fix it before any harm can happen.


Your chimney can be blocked by A number of obstructions. You might have a rodent that's stuck on your flue. Your flue could be caked with soot and creosote buildup. Your damper might be stuck shut. Or you might have snow and ice covering the hole for your chimney. Regardless of the blockage, these situations can prove quite poisonous, and you should never light a fire in your fireplace if you guess that the chimney is blocked. And regrettably, you might only realize that your chimney is blocked if the smoke is not escaping your home through the chimney. If you want to check whether your chimney is obstructed until you light a fire, you could have the ability to hear air flow through the chimney (pay attention for a tiny amount of wind) -- just be sure that the damper is shut. You can even inspect your chimney visually to check if the damper is open (use a flashlight to inspect your damper), and you might have the ability to see light during the entirety of your chimney throughout the daytime if it's unobstructed. Just be wary that if you're scrutinizing your chimney and fireplace yourself that you are liable to get some soot on you! Should you notice a blockage on your chimney flue, rely on us for an inspection and cleaning.

Damaged or Missing Bricks

If the outside of your Chimney has bricks damaged or missing, then it's overdue for repairs. Chimneys are certainly built to last, however their vulnerability to the components means that they won't last forever. Bricks will gradually deteriorate and neglect and the mortar holding your chimney's bricks collectively will also lose its integrity. Your chimney is apt to be broken from falling branches, high winds, hail, other precipitation, and changing temperatures, so it is a fantastic idea to inspect and maintain the brickwork of your chimney frequently. We recommend a review at least once per year.

Poor Mortar

As we said, your mortar endures all the elements that the bricks of your chimney endure. And, as time passes, the mortar will gradually chip away. Fortunately, brick chimneys could be repaired with tuck pointing, a technique in which the mortar is replenished to reestablish the structural assistance it had been meant to provide. Mortar may also be placed on the surfaces of the bricks to revive their protective functionality. We use colored mortars that match your existing physical colors to perform any essential tuck pointing.

Rusted Components

If your chimney is outfitted using a cap or flashing, then all these metal parts are accountable to rust over time. And eventually, that rust may lead to leaks and other wear and tear to your chimney. A new cap will help to stave off leaks, and flashing will make sure that your roof properly sheds water.

Dangerous Buildup in the Flue

Your flue should stay as clean as possible -- that is hard when smoke is continually traveling through your chimney. If you haven't had the flue of your chimney cleaned in a few years, or if you use your chimney regularly during the year, then you should be especially cautious that flue buildup can be harmful. Soot and creosote slowly buildup across the lining of chimneys, also, with enough buildup, this mix can spark and result in a house fire. That's why it's really vital to have your fireplace inspected once per year and cleaned regularly. Again, we recommend yearly inspections for many household chimneys.

Bad Chimney Damper

Your chimney damper is one of the only mechanical elements of your chimney. Therefore, it is liable to malfunction or break. If you have a chimney damper that no more opens or closes as you attempt to adjust it, then you certainly won't have the ability to sustain a fire in your fireplace, as you'd like.

We Fix All of It!

Specialize in all things Chimney Repair in Long Island, and we could tackle any issue that you may have with your chimney, both within your house or in addition to your roof. We also offer, Gutter Repair in Long Island. If you’ve noticed any of those aforementioned issues, or in the event that you simply need to schedule your yearly inspection, then do not hesitate to reach out to us. We proudly repair and do inspection services.


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