How To Watch Hotstar Outside India Free?


How to watch Hotstar outside India free?

Hotstar offers the best content for the Indian audience. Be it Hindi TV serials, IPL cricket matches, Cricket World Cup matches, Pro Kabbadi league, Bollywood movies & Hollywood movies, Hotstar has covered it all. Good news is that Hotstar offers some content free of cost. While other streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon prime videos & Hulu don’t have any free plan. The bad news is that Hotstar also uses geo-restriction services. Means Hotstar India app can not be accessed outside India. Let’s find solution to watch Hotstar outside India free. Hotstar UK promo code

Why Hotstar India Blocked outside?

Earlier Hotstar app can be accessed across the world. Later Hotstar got stricter and launched Hotstar in USA, Canada & UK. Now Hotstar is officially available in India, USA, Canada and UK only. If you try to access Hotstar from countries other than these four, you will get a message on your screen UH-OH, WE CAN NOT PLAYBACK DUE TO GEOGRAPHIC RESTRICTIONS. DISABLE VPN IF ITS ACCIDENTALLY TURNED ON.

Watch hotstar in USA

Moreover, Hotstar has a country-specific version of the app. You can not access Hotstar India from the USA and vice versa. The reason for this restriction is due to broadcasting rights Hotstar purchase from media houses. Hotstar UK coupons

Hotstar purchase broadcasting rights of movies, sports and television programs for a specific country. If it broadcasts it’s content to countries without broadcasting rights, legal issues may arise. Purchasing broadcasting rights for a specific country is also cheaper. This is the reason Hotstar app content varies from country to country & subscribers can not access the content of other geolocation.

Why do we need to watch Hotstar outside India free?

1. As we told earlier, Hotstar content varies country-wise. Hotstar India content is not available in other countries. If you are a big fan of Bollywood movies and Indian sports, you need to subscribe for Indian Hotstar version. Means subscriber requires to unblock Hotstar India. Hotstar Canada promo code

2. The second reason is Hotstar membership plans. Hotstar membership plans also vary from country to country. Hotstar has cheapest membership plans for Indian subscriber and has maximum content for the Indian audience. Therefore, To access maximum content at the cheapest price, you should unblock Hotstar outside India.

3. If you are travelling abroad and don’t want to miss Bollywood movies and sports matches, you need to watch Hotstar outside India.

4. Indian expats who are fond of Bollywood movies, TV serials, Cricket matches and live TV Channels, they also want to watch Hotstar outside India. But due to Geolocation restrictions, they find themselves unable to access Hotstar outside India.

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