1. Habits and character.
    Before you start choosing a gift, think about the habits of the person to whom it is intended. For example, if this is a housewife, then, most likely, she will be pleased with the new sets for the kitchen; if this is a sporty person, then you can donate a fitness bracelet or new sneakers. Depending on the character, you can also choose the color. For example, bright colors are more suitable for active ones - orange, red, etc.; calm closer neutrals - gray, beige, blue ...
  2. Hobby.
    Undoubtedly, a good gift will be one that relates to a person's hobbies. If, for example, he is fond of fishing, then you can donate a fishing rod, if he is a collector, then something in his collection. As a result, such a gift will cheer up and delight the hero of the occasion.
    Gifts for professional growth are very stimulating to people. Here you can build on what the person is currently using, and what can increase his status, or highlight among his colleagues. It can be as a souvenir on the table, an expensive pen for office workers, or a brand new stethoscope for a doctor.
  3. Gender and age.
    Many people think that a gift for a woman should be chosen much more carefully than a gift for men, because they are indifferent to gifts - this is not true. Any man is happy with a gift or disappointed in it. Only shows her emotions more restrained than a woman. For both women and men, there is one rule: a gift must be given such that only he will use, and not the whole family. For example, a woman will not be delighted with a birthday present in the form of a vacuum cleaner or food processor, and a man who flies to rest in warm countries will not be delighted with a sleeping bag or tent. And of course, a gift for a young girl should be different from a gift for a mother or grandmother.
  4. Originality.
    You shouldn't donate incomprehensible books about health, how to quit smoking or decor items such as figurines or souvenirs that will simply gather dust on the shelves. Also, the photographs within the frames are not the most original gift. Originality doesn't mean banality. One of the most important rules for choosing interesting gifts is the one that will bring joy for a long time.
  5. Life events.
    Did the birthday boy have a child not so long ago? A baby monitor or playpen will do. If he is a newcomer, then the best gift will be household items, repair tools, a microwave oven, dishes. It also happens that he recently went through a difficult period in his life, you can give something funny that will cheer him up.
  6. Holiday.
    Of course, a gift can be given for a certain holiday, but do not forget about originality! No need to give socks or shaving foam by February 23rd, as well as vases by March 8th. Therefore, you need to choose a gift that is not expected from you, that will surprise and rejoice.

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