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Law Expert Gold Coast

Williams Solicitors was founded in 2020 by principal Matthew Williams. With many years experience working on the Gold Coast for both small and larger firms, Matthew saw the need for a client focused and progressive Commercial and Property Law firm; where clients are valued and offered a premium level of service at an affordable rate.

Williams Solicitors offer services in Conveyancing, Property Law, Commercial Law, Employment Law and Litigation & Disputes.


Buying or Selling property? Let Williams Solicitors help you with your conveyancing needs. Our fixed fee conveyancing services are able to offer you peace of mind and certainty around your property transaction. Call today to find out more.

For all your conveyancing needs, Williams solicitors are here to help. We offer a high quality service at a competitive fixed price rate. We understand that the process of buying or selling property can be stressful, so our services are designed to simplify your experience and achieve your desired outcome.

We can assist you in the areas of:

  • Mortgages and refinancing
  • Lease agreements
  • Residential and commercial sales and purchases
  • Auction purchases and sales

Litigation and Disputes

At Williams Solicitors we aim to provide clients with all the support and assistance they need to navigate what are often difficult and complex disputes. Our team can assist with all kinds of disputes ranging from neighbourhood fence/tree disputes right up to large complex commercial disputes.

We specialise in the areas of:


The settlement of a dispute outside the court via a third party. We assist with negotiations to ensure you get the best outcome possible.

Commercial disputes

Commercial disputes involve any disputes between merchants, bankers/ financiers, and traders. Often deals with areas of partnership agreements, insurance and intellectual property rights.

Contractual disputes

We can assist with disputes related to business, employment and partnership contracts.

Corporate disputes

A corporate is a business structure or a legal form of organisation. Disputes can arise around the creation, management or dissolving of the legal entity. We can assist with understanding your legal rights and the negotiation process.

Property disputes

We can assist with disputes involving residential property, industrial or commercial property, rural property or vacant land. Issues may arise in areas including ownership, title deeds, inheritance, sales, purchases, tenant rights and neighbourhood negotiations.

Australian Consumer law

Australian consumer law is designed to protect the rights of the consumer and includes rights to repairs, replacements and refunds as well as compensation for loss or damage. We can assist you in your rights both as a consumer and as a merchant.

Debt recovery

Debt recovery is not always an easy process especially when other legal claims are at play. We can offer you legal support and guidance through the process of recovering what is owed.

Magistrates, District and Supreme Court matters

We can guide you through the court process whether you have lodged a complaint or had one lodged against you.

Federal circuit court

The federal circuit court deals with cases involving administrative law, bankruptcy, consumer law, human rights, industry, intellectual property, privacy and migration. Should you lodge a case or have a case lodged against you in the circuit court, we can provide you with sound advice and support to get you through.

Unitholder disputes

A unitholder is an investor who owns one or more units in an investment trust or business. Where disputes arise, we can review contracts and negotiate on your behalf.

Executors or beneficiaries in deceased estates

We can support you through the complexities of managing a deceased estate, assisting with negotiations on your behalf and provide you with the best legal outcome possible.

Commercial Law

Williams Solicitors specialise in assisting start up businesses right through to large established organisations with their commercial needs. No matter what your needs are give Williams Solicitors a call to find out how we can assist you.

Property Law

Leasing a property? Having issues with a neighbouring property? Williams Solicitors are experienced professionals when it comes to all matters involving property law. Give us a call now to find out more about our fixed fee services and how we can assist you.

The specifics of property laws differ from state to state. At Williams Solicitors, we have many years of experience in the Queensland legal circuit, and can offer our clients relevant and up-to-date advice and assistance. We cover everything from your lease to property transfers.

Our areas of expertise include:

Commercial, retail and private leases

We can assist in their drafting and reviewing of leases for all types of property. We can also guide you through issues around contract breaches or the dissolving of a lease.

Loan agreements

This is a contract between loaner and lender. It frequently includes information about the purpose of the loan and details how it will be paid back. We offer advice on the drafting of such agreements and can help with the negotiation process.

Private mortgages

Financial loans provided by a non-public entity such as a family member. We can assist with the drafting of contracts and repayment negotiations.

Neighbourhood disputes

We can assist with neighbourhood disputes and help make the process as amicable as possible. Disputes can surround issues such as boundaries, fences, trees, renovation plans, off the plan sales, easement issues, and exercising the right to cool off.

Property amalgamation

The process of combining two separate lots into one. This includes the amalgamation of property rights, privileges, liabilities and obligations.

Lot subdivision

The separation of a lot into two or more lots or sites, whether for development or immediate or future sale. We can help you understand the legal potential of your property as well as assist with the drafting or reviewing of contracts.

Land transfers

The legal transfer of land or property from one owner to another whether through a purchase or inheritance. We assist with the drafting or reviewing of contracts as well as advising you on stamp duty obligations.

First Home Buyers Grants

We can assist you in understanding your claim to the first home buyers grant.

Property caveats

A property caveat is a formal notice of one party’s legal interest in a property. The caveat allows time for all parties to assert their claim over the property, but can be extremely disruptive during times of a property transaction. We can assist in both the lodgement of a caveat and the assertion of legal claim over a property.

Employment Law

Employees are a businesses biggest asset, at Williams Solicitors we are able to assist from employment contract formation to Fair Work claims (for both employers and employees). Ask about how we can assist with your employment law matter.

We can help in areas such as:

Unfair dismissal

We can assist both employers and employees to understand their rights around the dismissal of staff.

General protection claims

General protection claims are intended to protect workplace rights and guard employees against discrimination and other unfair treatment. Claims can be lodged if an employee feels that they have been refused employment or dismissed based on an infringement of their workplace rights.

  • Drafting or reviewing employment contracts
  • Restraint of trade provisions

Employment contracts often include restraint of trade provisions to protect the business after an employee leaves the company. This includes non-compete clauses which prevents a person moving to a company in direct competition for a certain period of time.

Advising on appropriate awards

Industry awards cover pay rates, method of payment, hours and overtime, workplace conditions, breaks, holiday leave, sick leave, loading pay, dangerous work cover and employment and termination procedures.

Auditing of employer systems

The frequency and depth into which these audits can take place.

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