Roof Moss Removal - A Guide To Make Your Roof Last Long


Roof Moss Removal - A Guide to Make Your Roof Last Long


You can have information about how to remove moss from your roof on the internet. Most of them are helpful. But the validity of the information is questionable. Many websites provide a different kind of tricks and tips for roof moss removal Glasgow. Incorporating the authentic way is important.


What is exactly roof moss removal?


Roof moss is becoming a serious issue over the past few years. Mould, mildew, algae, dirt cover the roof surface. Algae causes black marks and grow in the darker and wetter side of the roof. Mosses can cause severe damage by weakening the shingles and get into cracks.


There are two techniques that roof cleaning services Glasgow use -


  1. Chemical Cleaning –


This one is less expensive. The spray consists of a mixture of water and bleach. To keep the algae at bay, you should insert a strip of Zinc. You can also apply Zinc sulphate annually.


2. Pressure Washing –


Pressure washing is beneficial. The highly pressurised water is sprayed on the roofs to remove the dirt, moss, algae. This process is useful for metal or concrete roofs.


To keep your house looking aesthetically appealing, you must follow a few guidelines:


  • Clean your roof every three to five years-


Roof cleaning has become an essential part of home maintenance. Now the question is how often you should clean it. Concrete tiles take a long time to get dry, thus giving algae a chance to grow faster. It needs frequent cleaning. Shingles are weaker than concrete tiles. They dry quickly and don't require cleaning for seven years. Roof cleaning Glasgow companies offer honest assessment and cleaning services.


  • Indulge in the early roof cleaning process


You should clean your roof at an early stage. Do not wait for the harmful organisms to feed off your roofing materials. At the initial stage, the algae may seem invisible, but you should be inspecting right then. Taking preventive measures is always a good idea.


  • Consult reputed cleaning companies for roof moss removal Glasgow-

If you are thinking about appointing any cleaning service, find a trustable company. Many companies offer a free inspection, complete roof cleaning, roof repair or replacement and roof coating Glasgow. Cleaning your roof on your own may not bring the desired result. Professional roof cleaners use anti-fungicidal treatment and equipment to prevent the growth of harmful organisms.


  • Include two primary roof cleaning process to extend your roof's life-


The two main ways professional roof cleaners recommend are- pressure washing and chemical cleaning. Each of these methods has its pros and cons. The cleaning purely depends on the kind of roof you are having. If you have a concrete roof, then pressure washing can be useful. But chances are pressurised water can damage roofing material, whereas chemical cleaning can also be harmful. A right balance of everything can protect your roof for a long time.


For continued protection, you should hire companies offering services for roof moss removal Glasgow. It will revamp your house appearance and extend your roof’s life.



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