Tighten Your Property’s Security With Occupancy Sensor

Tighten your property’s security with occupancy sensor

Tighten your property’s security with occupancy sensor

With the advancement in technology we are now better equipped to give protection to our home. We can find a huge variety of security alarms in the market. Among these hundreds of alarms, most of the devices use Passive Infrared System (PIR).

PIR motion sensors are selling like hot cakes in today’s scenario when protecting our property from burglars have become so much crucial. Because PIR motion sensors have an infrared energy wavelength ranging between eight to twelve micrometers, it is impossible for humans to tip toe from it. Our average skin temperature is ninety-three degrees and we radiate an energy wavelength ranging between nine to ten micrometers, which makes the motion sensor detect it very easily.

There are motion sensors, which come with the sound of a barking dog. When an intruder passes by, the alarm will sound like a dog. These motion detection alarms are known as the electronic watchdog. You can adjust the sensitivity as well as volume of the sensor. You can rest assured knowing that with PIR motion sensors, your property is completely trespasser proofed.

It must be mentioned here that occupancy sensor is extremely versatile. However, we often fail to identify its versatility. The reason for its usage is its capacity to control lighting. When not in use for a certain period of time, the lights get turned off automatically. An occupancy sensor is very much enery-efficient. If you are looking to buy one then you can contact manufacturers and sellers who deal with PIR motion sensors.


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