Prongs Make Digging Easier 5 Models


Prongs Make Digging Easier 5 Models

Free Weeder Prong with any purchase of a Long-Son-Lady-General Prong in June - July - August Ideal for Trades people, Farmers, Civil Works, Local Government, Contractors, general gardening.


Length 1538mm

Weight 5.3 Kgs

Heel & V Tine.

Colour Yellow powder coated

Garden tools, digging tools, Iron Bar, garden fork, single tine digging tool, Prong, Lady Prong. Long Prong, Son of Prong, Weeder Prong, General Prong, all steel digging tool, digging holes, weeding, broadleaf weed removal in lawns, digging tools, permacu An all round genreral purpose digging tool for people of all ages. Lightweigt takes on many tasks for removal of roots and hidden debris, ideal for planting.

single tine digging tool
Lady Prong
Weeder Prong
General Prong
lady gardeners

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