TradeShowPlus: Tips For A Successful Display


TradeShowPlus: Tips for a Successful Display

If your company is constantly showcasing the services, products, or skills it provides at events and trade shows, it’s important to showcase your company appropriately. You can’t redo a first impression, which is why you should always go above and beyond to impress your audience or clients. At TradeShowPlus, we have everything you need to make your company stand out. Some of our products include tabletop displays, pop-up display banners, kiosks, literature racks, exhibit lighting and accessories, and more. Continue reading to learn more about how to impress your audience with our products with the tips.

1Appearance is key: How your company chooses to present itself will be a major key in getting people interested. Making sure your display is accurately in tune with your company’s brand is especially important to reinforce your company’s voice. At TradeShowPlus, you can upload your company’s custom artwork to our products, which is a great option that allows your display to be truly personal with your company. Our art guidelines are standard for the digital print industry, so it’s important to read our artwork guidelines available on our website before uploading your work for proofing.

2Make your display interactive: Now more than ever people want to connect with your company in an interactive way, so why not make your display interactive? Having the option for digital interaction at your display will especially increase interest among a younger audience. At TradeShowPlus, we offer iPad stands and Kiosk displays that are perfect if you have interactive media for your display. We also offer trade show rentals that are unlike the typical display you see anywhere else. Our rentals are a perfect option if you’d like to specifically tailor your display booth to the event’s audience size in a cost-effective way. Our in-house design team will help you with rental booth design to ensure that fits perfectly with your company’s brand and will happily work with you throughout the process. Take a look at all of our rental options available on our website and choose the one that is best for you and your company.

3Booth location and design: Having your trade show booth in the right location can really increase audience traffic and interest. However, even if a prime location isn’t possible, you can still attract an audience to your display’s location with a strong trade show display. Having pop-up display banners will allow your audience to see your display from far away and will especially increase their interest if your display resonates with your company’s brands.

4Let your display do the talking: Building a relationship with your audience or customer is extremely important, but sometimes we make the mistake of talking too much rather than showing what our company can do. When people visit your display, you should allow them to take in your company’s brand and voice and let your display do the talking for itself. Having business cards at your display will also make it easier for your audience to contact you with interest or any additional questions they might think of at a later time.

At TradeShowPlus, we are proud to be serving businesses like yours for over 15 years.. You can contact us with any additional questions about our products or customization options at 800-419-3561 or We look forward to hearing from you!


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