Long Prong - The Big Yella Fella Takes On The Big Jobs A Great Tool


Long Prong - The Big Yella fella Takes on the big jobs a great tool

The Long Prong like all models is a serious bit of gear. This gets down and does the hard yards for its owners. (Now remember digging is hard work,so take your time and make sure that you do not over exert yourself). I have used the Long Prong on many occasions when removing roots and other debris (mainly submerged rocks) in my garden.
Ideal for Trades people, Farmers, Civil Works, Local Government, Contractors, general gardening.
Length 1538mm
Weight 5.3 Kgs
Heel & V Tine.
Colour Yellow powder coated

It allows you to put your foot on the heel and get good balance. Ideal for removing all manner of hidden debris. They are single tine digging tool

The Lady Prong is shorter, lighter and is designed for lighter types of work. Mind you it is still a powerful tool and in the right setting will outperform any other similar digging tool. They give tremendous empowerment to those, male or female, who just want a digging tool that maximises their strength. The ladies who have them simply love them. Available in white - known as the General Prong .

Lady Prong

Weeder Prong
General Prong

Website: https://www.theprong.com/



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