SMAX Sells Peach Flavored Lick It E-Liquid


SMAX Sells Peach Flavored Lick It E-Liquid

What flavor is there that is better than Peaches and Cream? Nothing is better when you want a smooth, peachy flavor than Lick It E-Liquid from SMAX. Clean and refreshing taste that tickles the tongue and satisfies the craving for peaches.

Flavor Right From the Peach Orchard
In creating these flavors, SMAX spent a great deal of time in the laboratory, refining and defining the flavor to perfection. Peaches are universally adored by everyone and there’s no better place to get exactly the right taste than SMAX Lick It E-Liquid. Perfectly peachy and with a touch of cream, this E-Liquid can delight and satisfy any time of the day. It’s as though you’re standing in the Peach orchard savoring the juicy fruit right off the tree.

Lots of Sizes to Choose From
SMAX produces their E-Liquids in sizes that accommodate every vapor lover. For only $19.99 you get 60ml of this delicious, delectable treat. It is also available in 120ml packages for only $39.99 and it is now available in the 100ml size for only $25.99. Whichever size you choose, it is dispensed from SMAX’s popular Shortie Bottle.

To Nicotine or Not to Nicotine
Many people use vapor to help them kick their cigarette and nicotine habit. To this end, SMAX offers three levels of nicotine for each of their fantastic flavors. Customers can choose between 6mg and 3mg of Nicotine in their vapor and the Lick It E-Liquid is available with 0mg of Nicotine for those who don’t want or need Nicotine in their vapor.

Purchase Lick It Alone or In a Bundle
Because the flavors are so popular and also because they go together so well, SMAX offers their flavors in bundles which compliment each of the flavors with other flavors. The Fruit Bundle has Lick It E-Liquid along with Good Vibes (Pineapple and Passionfruit and more), and with Pony on Acid (Strawberries, Raspberries, and Pineapple). The Fruit Bundle is a total of 120ml and it costs only $39.99, a savings of almost $20 over purchasing each item separately.

SMAX Offers Lots of Flavors
When you go to you’ll find all the flavors SMAX has developed. There are fruity flavors along with deep, rich flavors of coffee, caramel, butterscotch, and a host of others. Each has been mixed with other complimentary flavors to create a soothing, tasty experience for every flavor and every flavor lover.

Good Deals Made Even Better
SMAX knows every vapor lover is looking for a good deal on the flavors they desire the most. To this end, the company offers some very enticing benefits to their customers. The prices are excellent all by themselves but there’s more to the story. SMAX offers Free Shipping on orders over $30 and a Rewards Program for frequent buyers. There’s a Wholesale department that helps with pricing on large orders. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for SMAX’s seasonal specials and discounts.


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