MOT Service: Rules, Roles, And Quality Control

MOT Service: Rules, roles, and quality control

MOT Service: Rules, roles, and quality control

It can be difficult to manage a Vehicle Testing Station (VTS) meant for MOT testing. If we go back to the basics, then one needs to remember that the primary requirement is to follow the rules set by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). A failure to abide by the rules might lead to the authority of Authorised Examiners (AEs) and Nominated Testers (NTs) being taken away from them. It is important to avoid this from happening. In the long run, being the bad books of government departments is never a great idea. It can be a one-way road.

If you plan not to take the one-way road mentioned above, then you need to take another road. Do you want to avoid failure in abiding by the rules set by DVSA? If you do, the first requirement is to be aware of the rules. We suggest you visit government websites and do good research on MOT testing. This will not only help you in staying in the good books but will also help you improve the quality of the service you provide. “Manufacturer’s specifications are most appropriate for the vehicle”- same is the case with government guidelines in the case of MOT testing.


It is not possible to discuss all the rules in detail at once. However, this article will still try to clear the basics. It is imperative for MOT tests, retests, and contingency tests to be conducted within authorised vehicle testing stations (VTSs) by nominated testers (NTs). These should have been approved to test the class of vehicle by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

DVSA expects professionals, having particular roles, to engage in MOT testing. The reason might be that the government is looking for specialisation and expertise when it concerns something as important as the MOT test. The following roles are expected to fully monitor the testing activities:

authorised examiner designated manager (AEDM)

authorised examiner delegate (AED)

site manager (SM)

The question is, how does the government or DVSA (to be particular) monitor if the testing is being carried out properly? It is the responsibility of AEs to make sure that the statutory MOT testing is carried out to the required standard. Like, in a manner that has been set out by the DVSA and their VTSs. The government agency makes sure this is happening by monitoring the data provided by AEs. Let’s say the DVSA finds out that the rules aren’t being followed at a VTS; this will lead to the removal of authority of AEs and NTs to test vehicles for MOT.


In 2015, the MOT rules were simplified and replaced. The following old MOT Comp VTS roles have been removed:

account management (ACM)

personnel manager (PM)

quality control (QC)

trained person (TP)

The new AED role is to replace the old ACM role. These are meant for those who need to buy MOT test slots on behalf of their AEDM and business entity. The possible objective to revamp the roles could have been simplification and expectation of better efficiency. It seems that after 2015, the MOT testing service has, in general, improved. This improvement owes to multiple factors. However, the fact that central communication channels have improved with the surge of technology and well-defined roles cannot be ignored.

Quality control

Quality control is an integral part of any process. It has two sides to it. One is the ethical perspective; the second is related to effectively and practicality. The ethical side of quality control reflects the fundamental value of the business, that is, good delivery of services and customer satisfaction. The practical side of it lies in the fact that if the ‘quality’ of products and services is not up to the mark, you will not be able to run your business. It is because the customers will not engage with you. Therefore, keeping both the factors in mind, we need to discuss how quality control is managed in MOT testing service.

Vehicle Testing Stations use multiple approaches to manage quality. One way of doing this has been using third-party systems for quality control. The reason behind VTSs using different mechanisms for quality control lies in the fact that there are no standardised measures set by the DVSA. The only set norms are with regard to how evidence of quality control and management is recorded. This does not mean that ‘quality control’ itself needs to be recorded. It means that AEs must provide DVSA with the proof of how quality is being managed. You will find more guidelines on official government sites.


The quality system should be able to gauge the following statistics:

volume of tests

number of testers

experience of staff

Remember, officially, there are no absolute requirements for how the quality needs to be managed. Still, the system must let AEs carry out their responsibilities to manage quality in a proper manner. AEs are required to keep documents, including proof of items identified by their testing procedures and the remedy in terms of the action required.

How to manage an MOT testing service is something service stations need to focus on. The MOT test does not determine only the ‘roadworthiness’ of the customer’s vehicle. It also determines whether the customers will be able to properly utilise their investment or not. That is why it is imperative for VTSs to ensure high-quality service.

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