Make Your Display Better With Trade Show Shelving


Make Your Display Better with Trade Show Shelving

When you go to a store and a product is displayed on shelving, how likely are you to notice it? It seems that when products are lumped together on shelving, like in a supermarket or department store, many items get lost in the shuffle, but when an item is alone on display, even in a store with this much inventory, it catches your eye and brings your attention to it.

That is what trade show shelving is designed to do. It puts your product on a pedestal in an effort to bring attention to it. After all, that is the point of attending a trade show. You are there to get your product noticed and sometimes you have to do more than just place the product on a table or counter space that happens to be open. Using shelving can not only display the product well but also save you some space.

What are some other ways you can display your products with trade show shelving or other methods? Today, we will take a look.

Product Limit - Space can be limited at a trade show, so don’t worry about bringing everything you have to offer at one time. Limit the number of products you bring so that it doesn’t clutter up the display and keeps you focused on specific products.

Have a Demonstration - It can be far more beneficial to have products on display that require a demonstration. People are more likely to watch a demonstration because it is more engaging. Put some extra time into how you want to present and demonstrate your products and it can lead to better results.

Create a Set - Let’s say you are trying to demonstrate a new handheld vacuum cleaner. Create a display with a setting where the product will actually be used, like a family living room. This does two things for potential customers -- it shows the exact scenarios where the product can be used and it makes the customer feel at home.

Mount the Products - Mounting products directly to the wall can be a great way to save some space and give each product a specific place. This can work for products that are heavier than others or just products that are the most valuable to the business and need to be seen by everyone who passes by. Bringing those products to eye level with trade show shelving can be a big help.

Add Lighting - Similarly, if you have a product you want to showcase, adding some lighting to highlight its importance and put the spotlight on the product. Some shelves and cases already come with lighting, but if you need to get lighting, it can be a good investment for your trade show display.

Any materials you need for your next trade show appearance that can properly showcase your products can be found at TradeShowPlus. With thousands of products available for all of your trade show needs, you will find a quality product that can be customized with your branding or message and give you a much better presentation at your next event.


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