BioGenX Buttocks: they say that the Greeks especially appreciated this part of the female body ... One of the appeals to the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite was Kallipiga (that is, Oh, beautiful!) Loin and sacrum: less erogenous, but about 10% of women call them sensitive part of your body. Legs:feet, popliteal fossae, inner thighs. Not in vain in the ancient Chinese medical treatises recommend massaging the soles of the feet for a speedy cure. On the feet are thousands of nerve endings - hence the sensitivity. Popular wisdom: in the search for female tender places, people's observation can come to the rescue: a woman subconsciously tries the most sensitive places (no, well, it’s understandable, but we are not talking about these places) ... to decorate. Draw conclusions: the beloved wears bracelets - caress the wrists, prefers beads and pendants - pay attention to the neck and the hollow between the breasts. So what is it, clicked and ...? The erogenous zone is not a power button. Not so simple, unfortunately. Knowledgeable people argue that the very principle of erogenous zones only works when partners are not indifferent to each other. And there is another small feature: erogenous zones are of the first and second order. What does it mean? If an unexcited woman stimulates the clitoris, she will jerk nervously, and not get a fountain of pleasure ...


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