Kevlar Shirt


Kevlar shirt

For an extra cool summer, ride try out our protective draggin Kevlar shirt. This long sleeve motorcycle riding shirt is one tough shirt! Made of 100% Dupont Kevlar  aramid fiber, the black Draggin Kevlar motorcycle shirt utilizes this highly abrasion-resistant material to add an extra layer of protection, yet is still comfortable and breathable. The unique mesh knit allows for excellent airflow ventilation in the hot months, while it layers well in the winter to provide added insulation.

While everyone knows that armored leather is the best safety garment you can wear, we all know someone who is guilty of wearing just a t-shirt in the hottest summer months. The Draggin Shirt can easily slip over your t-shirt to give you some excellent abrasion protection.

The Draggin Shirt boasts a longer cut in the length and arms to accommodate the riding position for men and women. This high tech shirt also incorporates Velcro® tabs to adjust the cuffs thereby preventing riding up and flapping in the wind. Most importantly the Draggin Kevlar shirt has two layers of aramid fiber in the shoulders and elbows.

Each Draggin Shirt is handmade in the USA! Due to the difficulty of dying this fiber, the black color may fade.


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