9Apps Likee


9Apps Likee

9Apps Likee - Formerly LIKE Video

Likee is one of the autonomous worldwide indigenous video fabricating and sharing programme which is wrapped up with wonderful strainer, stickers and variant effects in it which makes the operators go insane. This app can be easily operated on all devices without any hurdles and can be easily captured from the app store of 9Apps store without any obstacles in it. Another major aspect is that, the Likee app completely grants the provision of facilitating their picture and videos with utmost satisfaction as per their choice. Surprisingly, there never seems to be any kind of limitation in operating this app and furnishing their expression. In simple words, Likee is the flawless apparatus to construct various insane multimedia topics that you can simply imagine of. Moreover, this app holds in a massive package of various stickers and Musical Magic files that aids them in making their imagination come true to life. Not only that, with Likee every individual can fabricate wonderful inspiring videos with just a gentle tap and assume of becoming the video star of their social area.

Most importantly, users will get to obtain the complete pleasure of creative videos, music videos and humorous trailers, still can have a view of discovering food series and many more. Not only that, youngsters from all over the globe unite together on Likee in order to communicate with inspiring people. In short, from Likeee you can enormously progress your fan criteria. Above all, this app is fully engaged in facilitating a platform for various skilled video fabricators to progress their personal development. And thus, every attains a possibility of furnishing high-quality video content without any issues in it.


Major Highlights of Likee are as follows:

1. Imaginary Makeup and Micro Surgical features in this app allow you to apply within no seconds.

2. Likee is an instrument filled with limitless specialized effects such as thousands of stickers and magical emotions in it.

3. Polished edge opted with Magical filters optimizes to create a stupendous musical video with enormous effects at entire synchronization of the music beats.

4. Active attributes like the Color of the Hair, 4D Magic, Superpowers and so on fully enables you to target the videos of blockbuster on your device to the whole extent.

5. High Leading productive apparatus that twirls your photos into blockbuster movies without no time is aggregated in this app.

6. The dubbing of Videos and its scripts from the world’s most famous movies can be easily generated through the tribulation of Likee app.

7. Attain complete pleasure and acquire more knowledge from limitless high-incurred original video topics by exploring and sharing with a larger world.

8. Instantly obtain the access of interacting with recent friends in your city with the shortest videos in it.



In the final analysis, Likee app is widely accelerated by numerous people all over the globe mainly due to its extreme features. Therefore, if you want to get the installation of Likee on your device by moving in to the 9Apps store and enjoy the access of it to the complete extent.



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