Top 5 Great Reasons To Become A Salesforce Developer


Top 5 Great Reasons to Become a Salesforce Developer

Being a Salesforce developer is not an easy task. If you want to become a salesforce developer, you need to get a certification from salesforce. In addition, you would need to sit for an exam whose time duration is less than an hour. The questions are mainly multiple-choice questioning and responses that you can perform in a real-life scenario. For example, what will a salesforce professional do when applications released in the salesforce platforms have a lot of bugs. Your response should be something like this: -

Being a salesforce developer, the professional would conduct an alpha and beta test before rolling the salesforce application to the public. You should become a salesforce developer if you want to enjoy a career with immense job satisfaction and good pay. This article has formulated the top 5 reasons for being a salesforce developer which will be discussed below

1.Have the chance of working with future technology

Recent studies have shown that salesforce has managed to create 3.3 million jobs in North America alone. Going by this success rate, it will create more than 5 million jobs by 2022. So, this means that salesforce will touch every industry around the globe and the demand for salesforce professionals will be skyrocketing.

2. Work with an innovate platform

Salesforce is a platform that takes users by surprise. Earlier salesforce professional was using salesforce classic and it was a good platform for creating an application. The only downside was the fact that applications would take a little time to be developed. With the coming of salesforce lightning, everything changed. A total of 80 updates were launched in salesforce lighting, which made developing applications very fast. So, from the above information you see, that salesforce platform always strives for innovation.

3. Be a part of a rich community

A salesforce development company in North America has stated that salesforce is the best company to work with right now. In in their blog post, they specifically attached the list of best companies to work with according to Forbes. This information clearly indicated that salesforce had been termed as the best company for the past four years and it has the potential to remain the best in the coming years. Moreover, in their blog post, they also mentioned that the salesforce ecosystem is a very rich community. Meaning the members of salesforce are very collocative welcoming and helpful.

4. Get fantastic training opportunities

When you are a member of Salesforce, you will see the on-job training of the salesforce community is just fabulous. They have an online training platform known as the trailhead, where salesforce professionals all other world would gather together to discuss about the latest platform features and upgrade their skill. When you are connected with salesforce trailhead, you will learn new features on the salesforce platform and salesforce product. So, this means you have no trouble doing the job as a salesforce developer.

5. Great paying salary

A salesforce development company in New Zealand have confirmed that salesforce professionals earn twice as much that a normal working professional. Realize that salesforce hires people based on demand and supply. So that means it hires the best professionals who are able to meet the customer needs in this ever-changing market. Recent studies have indicated that an average salary for a Salesforce consultant is eighty-five thousand dollars. Coming to salesforce developer, the salary shoots up to $111, 245 - $167-78. Now you also know that the number of freelancers in this world has increased. So, there are a lot of people who want to manage work from their home to increase productivity. So, an average salary for a salesforce freelancer in the current market is $200 per hour.


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