How Essential Is To Get Your Air Conditioner Cleaned And Serviced Periodically


How essential is to get your air conditioner cleaned and serviced periodically

During winter, we will not use the air-conditioner. Hence, the air-conditioner may not function properly at the beginning of summer. Under the circumstances, it is essential to go for Air conditioner servicing done during the spring season. The reason for the air-conditioner not working correctly is leaves, twigs, and dirt could have got into the vent, which controls the proper airflow. It is essential to get all the outdoor elements are cleaned once in a year, especially a filter which will get blocked very often. When you inspect on your own, you may not find any fault. But when you hire the services of Aircon cleaning service Singapore they will provide you with the best results.


In the case of a split air-conditioner, condenser coils tend to become easily clogged with unwanted debris. It is generally ideal for getting your air-conditioner checked once in the spring and fall. When you get the Air conditioner servicing done periodically, it will save your money as it prevents unwanted repairs. Other than this, you have to check the fan switch is working correctly. To check, turn it on and not keep it in automatic mode. Still, the fan doesn’t work; then you have to check for the bad fuse or a tripped breaker. While testing, you have to check all the breakers as different portions might be on various breakers. When you contact the Aircon cleaning service Singapore, they will check and clean all these. 


When you switch on, but the system doesn’t come on with the fan on automatic and temperature set low, then there is a problem. Check the larger of the two lines leading from the outside condenser. The unit might be Freon in case the line is warm. In case there is ice, or it is frozen, then the clog needs to be cleared. An annual Air conditioner servicing and also cleaning should be done. In this case, the system should be shut down. The ice should be completely thawed out. Get the Aircon cleaning service Singapore to bring your system back into its function when the problems persist.


You should know when to go for air-conditioner service, and they are as follows:


  • Clean or replace the air filters. Sometimes replacement costs are included in the inspection cost.
  • Periodic cleaning of the coil. This will enhance the life of the coil and will also make the system to work well.
  • If there is a problem, then ductwork should be inspected as well as repaired.
  • Condensation lines should be checked properly. In case it clogs up with water, then it will make your wall and ceiling leaking. It would help if you also were careful that you might get a mold problem. 
  • To avert any fire hazard, inspect electrical components for corrosion or damage.
  • Check that the unit is functioning at its best in full power.


By following these steps and with the help of air-conditioner service by an expert, you can get the optimum performance out of the system. This will also help in saving money. 



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