7 Clear Signs That Your Car Demands Immediate Service


7 Clear Signs That Your Car Demands Immediate Service

Regular car maintenance is a crucial part of car ownership. If you skip getting your car serviced every six months, then it can put more pressure on the already worn-out parts of your vehicle and result in more significant damages, burning a hole in your pocket.

Thus, it becomes necessary to understand when is the right time to take a drive to the garage. Listed below are a few clear signs that your car needs immediate service. 

Unresponsive brakes

Brakes are undoubtedly the most crucial part of your automobile. Manufacturers always put a lot of effort and money to make brakes function correctly and on time. 

So, if they are getting unresponsive or even less sensitive, it is a clear sign that you need to get your vehicle checked.

Abnormal vibration

It is quite reasonable to experience a few vibrations while driving, but unusual or excessive vibrations could be due to many reasons like a wheel alignment issue. 

Thus, if you feel any abnormal vibration from any part of your cars like the seat or the brake pedal, it is time for you to get some professional help.

Excessive emissions from the exhaust

You may notice excessive black emissions from your exhaust which could be due to some oil leakage, buildup or even a blockage. 

Check the rear bumper of your car and if you notice some black residue, it is time for you to see a mechanic as early as possible. 

Slower gear changes

Any sharp decline in the performance of the gears is worth your attention. 

If the transmission is sluggish or stalls randomly or if you experience grinding gears, it is a clear warning sign that your car needs help. A regular Car Service Whitchurch can help you increase the shelf life of your beloved automobile and get the best out of her.

Squealing sounds

Abnormal noises at different points during the drive are indicative of various issues with your vehicle. If you hear a squeal when on the move, it could be an indication that your tyres need to be checked. If you hear any noise while putting brakes, this means that there's a blockage in the braking system.

Wherever or whenever you hear such abnormal noises, it's advisable to take your car to a garage.

Weak ignition 

If you have to turn the key numerous times to get your engine started or if you hear sputtering, coughing or whirring sounds while turning it on, there is a problem in the ignition system. 

High pitched squeal at the time of turning on the ignition is indicative of a worn or loose belt.

Reduced performance 

If you notice a sudden change in your car's power, say, it's getting difficult to accelerate or there's more fuel consumption than average, your vehicle is in immediate need of a service. 

We, at Blackhurst Garages, provide one of a kind service when it comes to car repair, service and maintenance. Walk-in and enjoy the most satisfying service possible.


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