Know About Those Games Which You Will Definitely Want To Play


Know about those games which you will definitely want to play

Five cricket game for free

There are a lot of cricket games for Android and iOS but there are very few games that are really worth downloading. We have prepared a list of 5 such cricket games for you by searching through Google Play and App Store, which you will enjoy very much.
There are a lot of cricket games for Android and iOS but there are very few games that are really worth downloading. We have prepared a list of 5 such cricket games for you by searching through Google Play and App Store, which you will enjoy very much. Neither your time will be wasted in playing this game nor you will have to pass time by playing such games which do not enjoy cricket. If you are a cricket fan, then you must play these five games on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.


1) ICC Pro Cricket 2015

This 'official' ICC Cricket World Cup video game, ICC Pro Cricket 2015 was launched by Indian company IndiaGames. IndiaGames is an experienced company making cricket games. A unique bowling technique has been used in this game, by which you have to trace the ball on the screen. This technique makes this game very fun. For batting, the user has to choose either a ground or a low shot.

It may take some time to play this game well but this free game is very good. Real-looking graphics are created using motion capture.
IndiaGames holds the ICC Official Cricket World Cup license, allowing the user to play with more than 150 players from 14 teams. This means that you will not be able to play like "MS Dhobi" but like the real MSD. Big fans of cricket must play this game.

ICC Pro Cricket 2015 is available to play on Android, iOS and PC.


2) Real Cricket 16

However Real Cricket 16 seems to be a game launched with a slight update to Rear Cricket 14 instead of a new game. But many new and fun features have been added to this game. One of the most special of these is when you have the option to be present there during the historical moments of cricket. Like Javed Miandad's last ball against India in Sharjhan for a six or Sachin Tendulkar's batting at Shoaib Akhtar's ball in the 2003 ICC Cricket World Cup.

This game is very good for those who are novice in the cricket game. Apart from this, the number of eds has also been reduced with the latest updates. This game can be downloaded and played.

Real Cricket 16 is available on Android and iOS.


3) World Cricket Championship 2

NextWave Multimedia, the developer of World Cricket Champion 2, claims that this game has been created by cricket fans for cricket fans. And to a large extent this claim also seems true. Increased bowler's confidence meter with every dot ball and wicket, player attribute system and many great animations. The company seems to have worked on these specifics in great detail.
However, the game launched last year. But now it includes many updates like DRS (Decision Review System), new stadium and many other control options. There are more than 40 in-game camera angles, four tournaments, and grouping with friends to complete the challenge, making it one of the complete games in our list.


World Cricket Championship 2 is available on Android and iOS


4) Rohit Cricket Championship

Rohit Cricket Championship has been included in the newest game in our list. As the name suggests, this is a licensed cricket game based on India's Rohit Sharma. It lacks gameplay and like other games in our list, there are options like bowling, team management. It is very much like a rear cricket game. However, the biggest feature of this game is to control it easily.

To play this game you have to drag, hold and release gestures and bat. To make the game a bit harder you need a challenge. If you are looking for a game for the thrill of cricket that can be played easily and quickly, then the Rohit Cricket Championship is for you.

Rohit Cricket Championship is available on Android.

5) Cricket Rockstar

However, you don't actually play cricket with this game. But Cricket Rockstar is included in the funniest cricket themed game. It is a cricket themed match-3 puzzle game where you play as a batsman who has to score big to win the match.
Apart from this, like most theme games, you have to connect a ball of another kind. The longer the connected ball chain, the more runs you will be able to score. And when you have scored a need or more, then you will reach the next level.

Cricket Rockstar is available on Android.

You can tell us which of these games you liked by commenting? Apart from this, if we have not included any game in this list that you like, you can also tell us by commenting about it.


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