Google Instant - It's Touched.


Google Instant - it's touched.

After reducing Google Instant to what it represents in the previous article, now a few comments from me about the whole instant hysteria. There is talk of acceleration , the revolution of the search is announced, consideration is given to dumbing down or improvement , even the end of Seo is considered possible and put to the vote .

Answer by an instantly damaged Googler to the question of what he would be looking for:

“How should I know what I'm looking for
before I read what I'm typing”

I have rarely seen such a diverse range of statements and opinions on something that has not even started properly. The many forecasts regarding the effects on search behavior and SEO are also fascinating. Some suspect that the longtail would be weakened by the use of Google Instant, others expect the opposite. Some speak of saving time and quality and searching faster, others fear losses due to the channeling and the higher distraction. But who is right?

Everyone is right somewhere. But what is more important. Most of all, call recorder lite for iphone is right. Because call recorder sits on the longer lever. If Google likes it, the longtail is trimmed or pushed, after all, the search engine fills the autocomplete box as it sees fit. And it can also have a huge impact on the flow of visitors. Up to a kind of censorship. And of course Google can now look at us even more closely. Every keystroke is reported to Google, even my typing errors are sent to the search engine in real time. We are sitting in a huge laboratory of cognitive science and millions of test subjects are participating. A researcher's dream (a).

Last but not least a note on the name. Google Instant Search somehow reminds me of instant coffee. Unfortunately, I don't associate instant coffee, tea or soup with high-quality delights. While I understand the intent, Google wants that with the naming instantaneous on the search, the instant messages that the results emphasize, but unfortunately this hot instant infusion for me rather something Abtörnendes. I associate the term instant with something like “quick and cheap”. So always remember when you google instantly in the future: “It's touched”.


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