Rick Lee Crosby Jr: A Great Man


Rick Lee Crosby Jr: A Great Man

You might have seen various people who just complaint about the poverty and lack of resources and provisions for the poor or underprivileged part of society. Such people do not make any efforts by themselves to improve the conditions of poor people. They just expect others to work for social welfare.

On the other hand, there is one more category of people who do charity just to get noticed and take its credit. They do charity once a year and get their work published in all the magazines and newspapers.


However, there are very few people who do charity on regular basis and expect nothing out of it. It is really hard to find such people, who work for others only because they like helping others. They don't want any credit or publicity out of it. Rick Lee Crosby Jr is one such person.


Rick L Crosby Jr is a real estate developer from US. He donates part of his profit for welfare of the poor and needy people. In addition to it, Rick L Crosby also offers his financial support and services to various highly reputed charitable trusts. He makes continuous efforts for improving quality of life of the people who work for him.


Rick Lee Crosby travels various parts of the world, looking out for construction sites. He offers well build homes, proper food and adequate wages to people working on his construction site. His wife also supports him for this noble cause. They both have registered themselves with various renowned charitable trusts. They keep looking for the new ways to help poor and needy and they put their best in it.


This is something worth sharing with the people who are not involved in such noble acts. Hope everybody will start think like Rick L Crosby.


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