How To Help Poor And Needy

How to help poor and needy

How to help poor and needy

In the eyes of God, every living being is equal, but we create differences between various sections of society, based on age, gender, race, economic background, etc.

Due to this, people who are poor are often neglected by the ones who are more privileged. Though there are many who believe in social service and help this class, many more people should join the league in order to make a huge impact.

One can help them in different ways. If you see that food prepared in your home is more than you require, give some portion to the needy people. Always give your old clothes to them, provided those are in wearable condition. You should also give your old books and other stationery material to them. You should always be ready to help someone in need.

You should always give food to people asking for it on the street as there is no bigger good deed than feeding ones who are hungry. If you don’t have food available, you can provide money. You can join social activities in order to make it easy.

Apart from this, one should try to stay more alert towards numerous measures taken for them by various government agencies and NGOs. If you come across poor children, you should inform about them to NGOs working for education. Similarly, you should inform NGOs intended for women empowerment in case of women staying in miserable conditions.

If you witness any instance of child labour, report it to the authorities, so that those people can get required help. There are always some tasks which you can get done by poor people through which they can get some source of income.

You should spread awareness among them regarding vocational courses and training programs, sources of employment, government schemes, etc.


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