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How to create an account

Creating account on Square root is simple. Anyone with a genuine email id may register. You must also note that no user should create more than one account, neither on a machine nor anywhere else, breaching this rule will attract suspension of any one of the account or all linked accounts. There are high chances that on doing so you will be disqualified. The decision regarding the suspension of accounts depends totally on our automated system. Its on you to protect your account by never sharing its details to anyone else.

You will never be asked for any fees during registering with us, Registration process is very simple, you just need to enter your basic details in the registration form and validate the email id. However, if you want then you may buy additional account balance by depositing some amount with us, but this is totally on your decision. Please note that this money will be refunded upon your request at any time. Just en cash your earned balance and your money will be refunded in that request, provided you have not spent it. Please understand the value of this website on your own before sending us any money, it is totally your decision.

You may ask what is the value if we give answers to the questions, how does this get converted into money? So here is the explanation, when you know the answers we get a data about how popular the term is, and this data is valuable. You may say that the questions with higher price are more popular as most people answered it correctly, as the price rises only by correct answers this shows that the term is more popular, a question with less price must be somewhat less popular but is valuable because the current margin depends on the difficulty. If a question is difficult then more people will fail in answering it, and this will raise the current margin so whenever anyone answers it correctly he/she may earn that margin in one go.This platform help us to understand the awareness of the society, and hence it helps us to measure the popularity of the term, and this data is valuable. Square root quiz is developed with an aim to make quizzes valuable so that they can earn real money, and it's your fare participation in the program that can make it a success.


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