Another Tropical Destination? Why Not Palawan This Time?


Another tropical destination? Why not Palawan this time?

An island where the mountains meet the sea, its emerald colour undertones and hues make it look as exotic as it could possibly get. Seashore Beach Club located on the island allows you to have a time of your life. You could laze around in a beach view room which could get exquisitely mesmerizing. Touted to be a competitor of Maldives, Palawan is one place which should always make to your travelling list.

Treasure Point Palawan is one of the most sought-after locations on the island so is the Seashore beach club. Did you know you can buy a share in the property and earn huge money? As the Mediterranean inspired feature, you get a staff to attend you 24 by 7.

The entire property is picturesque and attractive. Exotic destination aside, it is one of the places where you would love to lose yourself in peaceful locations. Located among lagoons and an archipelago, experience upscale dinning and hospitality at the Treasure Point Palawan.

Book a private beach or a regular hotel, a clubhouse or just an exotic accommodation with a private beach, Palawan is anything but disappointing. Spin those tropical cocktail and relax as you will. It is as beautiful as any island can get.

The best time to visit the island is from October to May. Tropical islands, sinkholes, lagoons, and crystal clear water, this archipelago is famous for its culinary delights. Seashore Beach Club promises to spoil you with good quality food which is tough to miss. Mouth-watering sea food served in the quintessential Philippine style, isn’t that hard to say no to? Don’t wait longer, book your tickets now! This is the right time.

Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query regarding Treasure Point Palawan.


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