How To Troubleshoot For Windows 10 Problems?


How to Troubleshoot for Windows 10 Problems?

Windows 10 is advent with many features, boosted performance, smooth UI and a lot of efficiencies. But, in spite of having these things, still, windows update problems today let their user annoyed. Hopefully, we have brought some solutions to get rid of this by following the below procedures:

  1. Can’t activating in spite of installed windows 10:-

Once windows 10 activate, it should automatically after that, but still, if you are finding adverse of that, then there is installed with a non-pirated product key, which assumed almost just a temporary issue. However, you can still, run the Windows 10, but you will not able to personalise it by changing the desktop theme, colors and so on.

  1. Where is the Internet Explorer Bookmarks go:-

Still, it is in the Internet Explorer, but the new default browser in Windows 10 is edge. You will be able to import your Internet Explorer bookmarks into Edge; you need to just select “Import favorites” from the “Favorites” tab from the hub menu.

  1. How you can Launch Game in Compatibility Mode:-

If you aren’t unable to launch a game in Windows 10, then you need to follow these steps:

  • First, you need to click on right-side on the Setup file of the driver and select Properties.
  • Then select the Compatibility Tab.
  • Then you have to placemark next to Run this program in Compatibility mode.

4. If your Wi-Fi is Slow or not Connecting in Windows 10:-

If you are irritating with the same problem, then you must try to solve it by the following methods:

  • First, turn on & off of your router and do the same on the computer as well.
  • After that, you need to check with your network adapter and ensure that you have the latest driver. Then download it on another computer and via USB flash drive install it.
  • Your router should have the newest firmware. You can find this on the official manufacturer website.
  • After that, you need to go to “Settings> Network & Internet> Wi-Fi”. You have to make sure that your connected automatically box is checked for the network which you want to connect to.
  • Finally, reach to “Settings> Network & Internet> Wi-Fi> Manage Wi-Fi settings and manage known networks and choose your network. After that, you need to click on Forget and Reboot the machine and enter the network details to connect fresh.

If these above-mentioned significant steps of Windows 10 problems and solutions did not make you understandable, then you are requested to take help of Microsoft support team. You can find the Microsoft official phone number instantly from the Contactforhelp; which is known as a reliable online directory.


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