How To Recover Google Account Without Phone Number

How to recover Google account without phone number

How to recover Google account without phone number

Today, there are several people who are using Google for getting outstanding experience. It is good to use and is free from different errors. Google is quite smart but certain threats can’t be handled easily. To get help at such occasions,there is need to get connected with technical experts.

All technical issues resolved through the effort of the technical team. Here, you can find help to one of the query:- 

What is the method for recovering Google account without using phone number?

1. User should navigate to

2. There is need to type the email address and should click “Next.”

3. Enter the right email address and if forgotten email address,tap on “forgot email to retrieve your account information.”

4. Tap on “Forgot the password.”There is need to type the last password which has been remembered by you. When you don’t know the last password,there is simply need to tap on “Try a different question.”

5. In case, when you signed in from the smartphone by using the same account, a notification will come to your smartphone. When you want to access Gmail account by the help of your phone, this will help you to reset the password directly.

6. If you don’t have the registered phone number,individual can select some other alternative methods. Either, you may use the security questions or an alternate email address.

7. Those who wants to answer security questions and do the recovery by using this method,they need to answer certain set of questions.

8. After doing this,you will be directed to the password reset link of the Google.

9. Now, the password can be easily reset and you can access your account.

There are many of you who might not find the discussed issue helpful,it is required for them to connect with customer support team instantly by using Google account recovery phone number. Individual will not just get relief from this specific issue but even find help for all other technical threats. To get the solution to different issues,an individual will be charged. Sometimes if the solution will not be helpful for the user,they will not be charged with anything.


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