The UXM Is Coming January 2019 

The UXM is Coming January 2019 

The UXM is Coming January 2019 

The UXM is Coming January 2019 

The UXM - Optimizing the $79 Trillion Global Transactions Market

We will all be members of the UXM.

The UXM reinvents the global marketplace optimizing every transaction in a way that benefits everyone. Everything from a loaf of bread to a fleet of aircraft will be transacted on the UXM.

Joining the UXM is free. Members will be eligible for many benefits even if they do not buy or sell anything.

You can join the UXM now even though the platform has not yet launched. Why would you want to do that? Read on and you will understand.

First, what is the UXM?

The UXM is the official shortened name for The Universal Exchange Marketplace. The following frequently asked questions will give you a quick overview. You can also watch the video link noted at the end of this article.

What is the UXM? The UXM is a transaction optimizing online platform. The UXM reinvents the worldwide marketplace. It’s like the “Google of marketplaces” with a built-in transaction optimizer.

How does it work? Products and services for sale all over the world are brought into one central marketplace interface.

How does the UXM optimize transactions? Each item is passed through the UXM optimization process that eliminates inefficiencies that needlessly increase buyer prices and seller costs, before it is presented in the UXM marketplace.

What is the benefit of optimization? The result of the UXM optimization is a lower price for the buyer and an optimum profit for the seller simultaneously. Everyone wins.

Is the UXM a “find the best price” service? No. The UXM is a complete reinvention of the marketplace that benefits all sides of every transaction.

What can be bought and sold via the UXM? People and businesses large and small can use the UXM to buy and sell everything from a loaf of bread to a fleet of aircraft.

Do I need to create a store? No. You can if you want, but there is no need to do so. For existing online stores and websites there is no need to open a new store. However, if a new online presence is desired, it can be opened directly on the UXM.

Is there a fee to join? No. The UXM is free to use and offers UXM members no-risk advertising. This opens up endless commercial possibilities for individuals and businesses, large and small, everywhere in the world.

How is this possible? To begin with, UXM sellers pay only if they sell. And only pay what they want to pay. The UXM optimization process produces a natural market balancing between buyer and seller providing positive results for both.

Is the UXM a bidding system? No. The UXM optimization process involves a holistic approach to the marketplace that takes into account every aspect involved in the transaction, and eliminates unneeded risks and costs. Put it all together, and you get lower prices, and higher profits, simultaneously. Buyers and sellers both get exactly what they want.

How big is the market for the UXM? Existing online marketplaces account for over $1 trillion dollars in sales. But the global transaction volume is $79 trillion. Virtually all transactions can be placed on the UXM.

Why should people and businesses join the UXM? Its free to join and members enjoy discounts, bonuses, direct profits, sales commissions, network referral commissions and an expanded network of contacts.

What are network referral commissions? For every business or person referred to the UXM, the UXM member that referred (invited) them, will receive commissions for all the new members sales and purchases and also all sales and purchases made by their networks, forever.

How does the UXM keep track? Transactions are tracked with 100% accuracy forever with UXM proprietary blockchain technology. So no matter how big a referral and commissions network grows, its value is indisputable. This means a UXM network can be passed on to someone, or sold with verifiable valuation.

How does the UXM make money? A small transaction fee is charged for every sale. Because UXM sellers save greatly on promotional costs, this small transaction fee is only a fraction of what the full transaction would have cost through other channels. This makes the UXM the smartest way to market goods and services worldwide.

How does the UXM generate traffic? Two ways, first, the UXM does its own advertising and promotion to drive traffic directly to the UXM. Second, the UXM leverages its marketing expertise, through and for the benefit of its members, providing them with proprietary marketing tools to help drive traffic to each member’s specific transactions. These tools are provided to UXM members free of charge.

How do UXM tokens work? At this time UXM crypto tokens can be purchased via crowdsale. UXM token holders get 50% of UXM revenue. The number of tokens is limited, so the bigger the UXM grows the more valuable the UXM tokens. To buy tokens visit the UXM website.

UXM VIDEO: Click here to watch the UXM video

UXM WEB: Click here to visit the UXM website

JOIN UXM FREE: Click here to join the UXM and invite others to join your UXM network



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