The Maintenance Skill Of The Sports Shoes

The maintenance skill of the sports shoes

The maintenance skill of the sports shoes

Sports shoes are one of the most important equipment for runners, but they also have a useful life, especially runners who run more, and the faster the sports shoes are updated. Such as Nike shoes

 However, sports shoes also need to be protected, mastering some skills can prolong the life of sports shoes. Before using the sports shoes, spray some weather-resistant sprays on the uppers, not only to protect the sports shoes from the rain and snow, but also to prevent dirt and dirt from sticking to the uppers and wiping them off with a damp towel. Most of the time the sports shoes do not need to clean the whole, but the surface cleaning is often necessary.

 Looking clean as new sports shoes, the runner's mood will also be pleasant. Especially when running off-road, sports shoes can become very dirty. There is a simple and effective way to clean a wet towel dipped in soapy water or laundry detergent. If the dirt is more stubborn, you can use the discarded toothbrush and sports shoes cleaner.

 This cleaning method protects sports shoes better than washing them in water. When you step on the mud, the mud sticks to the soles, and the mud is too thick to affect the traction of the sports shoes, which can lead to injury during running. As a result, runners should clean the mud off their soles immediately after running. Each hand with a shoe flap, you can get the soles of the soil off.

 In addition, the insole should also be taken out to prevent mud falling into the shoes, the shoes also clean. Whether the sports shoes are cleaned or just used sports shoes, they should be put in the sun for drying. Drying in the sun is certainly the best, if the weather is not appropriate, but also to use other ways to dry the shoes as soon as possible.

 However, it is not advisable to put sports shoes directly in the sun in the summer, because the temperature is too high, will make the sports shoes damaged. Insoles do not clean, on the one hand will lead to the breeding of bacteria, on the other hand will affect the function of sports shoes play.

 Insoles alone to wash, do not use the dryer drying, because the soles may be damaged, directly to dry. Sweating during running makes the inside of the sports shoes a breeding ground for bacteria and smells bad. If the shoes are more smelly, you can use plastic bags to put the shoes in the fridge for 48 hours, can kill a lot of bacteria.

 Deodorant can also be placed inside the sports shoes. Runners should prepare at least two pairs of sports shoes, plus the daily wear of shoes, rotation can make the life of sports shoes longer.

 Running with only sports shoes, cross training or gym training, wear another pair of shoes, other time to wear another shoe, so that each pair of shoes to maximize the life expectancy.



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