Effective Solutions For HP Printer Not Printing Color Issue


Effective solutions for HP Printer not Printing Color Issue

If your HP printer is not printing colors and due to which you have to face problems then you should read this article. As here you will get to know the reasons behind it and also the steps by which you can get rid of the issue.

Reasons why is your HP printer not printing color


From time to time, people face the issue that HP printer cannot print color and have to face trouble in printing. If you are also facing the same thing then you should check for the reasons behind it. Why is it happening with your HP printer? So to make this task easier for you here is a list of reasons for HP printer not printing color properly.


    • In the first place, you should check that is there any paper jam issue; because of an accumulation of dirt in HP printer can lead you to trouble.
    • Also, this might be the case of empty or insufficient filled cartridge.
    • If a user fills more then enough inks in the ink chamber then it might overflow to other ink chamber and can cause blocking printer head, resultant, HP printer won't print color properly.
    • If the ink level is satisfactorily filled and you haven't used the printer for a longer period of time then the nozzle may be blocked and can create trouble in printing color.

In order to fix the issue, you need to set up the HP printer as default as it has been observed that sometimes the default printer gets replaced that's why you don’t get the prints. And to do so, you need to follow the steps listed below.

    • You need to select the Start option and go to the Settings option where you need to choose the Printers.
    • After that, you need to double click on the name of the HP printer you are going to use from the list.
    • Further, you have to choose the Printer Menu and go to Properties.
    • Next, you need to check whether or not your HP printer has a noncolor option. And kindly, ensure that the option isn't selected.

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